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Building and retaining relationships is a critical requirement for every company, business, and non-profit.  I offer a platform that people from all types of businesses use to stay in touch with their clients, that is unique, yet hundreds of years old.  Users remain top of mind with their customers and create long-lasting relationships that will last for years. This company isn’t a start-up.  It’s proven effective by thousands of users. Don’t have a business?  This platform can be used by regular people to stay in touch with their family and friends.  Businesses save money compared to using social media, email campaigns, marketing apps, etc. It’s so easy to operate from a computer or a phone.  What it’s not:  Social media, some new wave that will fizzle out, email marketing, etc.

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Kim Minnis
Kim Minnis & Associates

It’s How You Make Them Feel

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~Maya Angelou

Working in the business world for more than thirty years, I recall the times in my career when another person said or did something for me that was super special.  A note of congratulations for a job well done, notes, and cards from my children, a personally signed book from a favorite author, kind words when I lost my husband.  The feelings that these notes and cards remain with me to this day. Read More…


Kim Minnis

Hi there! I’m Kim Minnis

Building a business isn’t easy. I know because I was one of the founding principal of an independent insurance agency in 1988. I understand that client relationships and retention is critical to sustaining a business long term. After the first 27 years in business, I am proud of the fact that my agency is now under the ownership of my son, continuing the legacy of the company serving over 1000 professional firms, including the agency’s charter account!

What Are People Saying?

I’ve known Kim all my life because she is my mother! My mother is an entrepreneur. During 1988, she was one of the founding principals of Professional Concepts Insurance Agency. I purchased the agency in 2013, and today PCIA remains recognized as a leading independent insurance agency serving professional services firms. Kim continues to provide consulting services, including social media marketing, newsletters, and other media for the agency.

 ~Mike Cosgrove, Professional Concepts Insurance Agency

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