“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~Maya Angelou

Working in the business world for more than thirty years, I recall the times in my career when another person said or did something for me that was super special.  A note of congratulations for a job well done, notes, and cards from my children, a personally signed book from a favorite author, kind words when I lost my husband.  The feelings that these notes and cards remain with me to this day.

I keep a folder in my desk drawer that contains so many heartfelt messages within cards and letters from colleagues, friends, and family.  Many were sent to me before email even existed.  Once in a while, typically, when it’s time to organize my desk, I see the tattered edges of my precious memory folder.  I always take the time to review the contents one more time.  I love to re-live those moments, life, and business experiences with the same emotions felt when first received from many years ago.  Often, when re-reading a message, I’ll pick up the phone to call the sender.  I want to reconnect with them and remind them how thankful I am for their friendship.  These people remain in my sphere, and they always will.

The gestures of kindness towards another create an unforgettable memory for the recipient. We’ve learned from so many of the successful business builders and coaches that a written note sent to a client, a colleague, an employee can create a powerful impact on that person.

How often in today’s busy world are you sending notes of appreciation by email, a private message, or using one of the social media message platforms?  Do you believe these messages remain in the mind of the recipient for very long? That’s the challenge in today’s environment.

In our busy world, the relationships we build with others, including our family members, are more precious than ever before.  Taking the time to mail a note of appreciation, recognition of a birthday or anniversary celebration, or a small gift will make a life-long impact on the recipient.

Perhaps they will keep a file folder so never to forget ”how you made them feel.”


~Kim Minnis

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